Class Rules and Expectations:

The goal of Family Healthy Choices, Inc. (FHC), is to provide an informative and comfortable learning environment containing the curriculum content that the Court has approved and intended for your benefit.  We want to make sure every participant receives the full benefit of the information conveyed and is able to be attentive throughout without distractions and interference.  Participants are expected to be prompt and sign in before class starts and to remain and participate until the end when class is dismissed.  FHC also wants each participant to feel free and uninhibited in asking questions and divulging information that is relevant and beneficial to their class participation.  Therefore, please be sure to adhere to the following rules for participation, and understand that violation of these rules may at the sole discretion of the instructor warrant and result in withholding or denial of the Certificate of Completion:

  1. The Court has indicated that spouses may not both

simultaneously attend the same class session, so it is the responsibility of each participant to utilize whatever channels of communication are available in order to make the necessary arrangements for you and your spouse to be compliant with that.   If the FHC Instructor becomes aware that spouses are both registering to attend the same session, the FHC instructor will simply make a determination as to which individual may attend and which needs to leave and make appropriate alternative arrangements later for completion of the course.  Our usual policy is to try to allow the person to attend that we believe was first to complete the Registration. 

  1. Family Healthy Choices, Inc., also does not allow its instructors

or any course participant to be in violation of a valid Court Order. This includes restrictions on contact, distance apart, or communication, such as might be imposed in a Restraining Order.  Family Healthy Choices, Inc., does not have access to the legal documents and is not in a position to interpret any such language in Court Orders, so it is necessary and incumbent upon the parties to each be aware of the Court terms and conditions and also to strictly abide by such.  In an instance where there is any reason to believe that a Court restriction is in jeopardy of violation, in the sole discretion of the FHC instructor a participant may be asked to stop participation and make appropriate arrangements later for any suitable alternative option or refund.

  1. Children are not permitted to attend the classes, and no other

family, friends, acquaintances, significant other (or their or agents (including attorneys or therapists) are allowed to be in attendance, except that any individual who has a vision or hearing deficit or who does not speak English as a first language, may select and invite someone who is an adult of your choosing to accompany you and assist with translation and understanding the material presented so long as that does not interfere with others. 

  1. Be sure to select a comfortable location to watch and listen to the class, where there is ample lighting, reasonable quiet, and freedom from intrusive distractions or interruptions. 
  2. Respect for each participant is a priority, so no rude, vulgar,

annoying, antagonistic, frightening, provocative, obscene or otherwise disruptive language and behavior is allowed.

  1. Respect must be accorded by each participant to all others and

without discrimination  on the basis of sex, gender identity and preference, race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship status, religion, age, and/or physical or mental disability or limitation.

  1. If requested by the FHC Instructor, a participant must be

promptly and fully compliant with additional reasonable instructions, including withdrawal from class attendance and further participation.

  1. Since it may be busy and not convenient to readily resolve issues

on the spot for a live teleconference class with many people, if you have any questions or concerns, bring this to the attention of the FHC instructor for resolution beforehand, if possible.

  1. Ordinarily, the FHC Instructor hosting the class will keep

participants muted (or ask them to remain on mute), unless you use the Zoom software mechanism to indicate you are raising your hand to pose a question or make a comment. The FHC Instructor also may invite participation in an open unmuted Question and Answer period.

  1. Participants are expected to remain conscientiously alert and

attentive at their computer throughout the entire class and maintain the video connection so that participation can be monitored by the FHC instructor.  However, in case of an urgent personal need such as to use a restroom, one brief (five minute) break is permissible without requesting permission.  Class participants are not allowed to engage in other activities during class that would reduce your attention to the material or interfere with others.  Cell phones should be used or answered during class and no calls may be made or taken.  Also, no videogame playing, listening to or watching TV or radio broadcast, reading the newspaper or a book, engaging in any other activity.   No use of alcoholic beverages or drugs is allowed during the class (or beforehand, if there could be any resulting impairment in attention and participation)

  1. Participants may not broadcast to others or insert any visuo

or audio materials unrelated to the course.

  1. In the event of a critical incident emergency, or in the event transmission via the internet is interrupted or there are technical difficulties, the FHC Instructor who is made aware will provide appropriate instructions if feasible.  If you cannot receive transmission from the FHC instructor at any point during the class or the transmission is not of satisfactory quality, please also refer to our website orgfor details and instructions what to do so that an appropriate resolution can be made immediately or else alternative suitable  arrangements can be made later.  
  2. At the conclusion of the class, the FHC Instructor will indicate

with a checkmark that you have successfully completed the class, so that a hard copy Certificate of Completion will within 72 hours be placed into the U.S. postal mail to deliver to you at the address you provided.

We thank you for choosing Family Healthy Choices, Inc., for your mandated parenting education for separation and divorce, and we invite your feedback and suggestions so that we can continually make improvements.